You Know You’ve Made A Horrible Mistake In Greek Mythology When…

When a man with one shoe turns up for a feast so you attempt to kill him by sending him on a long sea journey.

Pelias and Jason

When a swan, shower of golden mist or bolt of lightning attempts to make love to you – It does not end well…

When a renowned witch, who you know has already killed her own brother, offers to make your father young again by chopping him up and putting him in a pot.

When you accept gifts from the aforementioned witch when you’ve run off with her husband.

Medea showing Pelias’ daughters how to make their father young again.

When you return home from 10 years at war and your wife, who hasn’t forgotten you killed her daughter, says “Let me draw you a bath dear.”

When you marry the man who abandoned your sister (who had helped him escape the labyrinth and a monster) on a desert island.

The Murder of Agamemnon by Pierre-Narcisse Guérin (1817).

When Hades tells you not to turn around but you do anyway.

When you spend too long staring at your own reflection in a pond and die tragically. Thus are forever remembered as the archetypal airhead.

When you have an affair and turn your mistress into a cow so your wife doesn’t find out – She does anyway.

Io, in bovine form, and her keeper Argos.

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